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Revenge, take control of my body
Guilt, Clean you out like its nothing
Dont you know i get even?
Dont you know I get even.
Blackmail Checks, fill the spaces
XO Halos, All Blessings on behalf of your account
Drop it Down for Def Street
Revenge Take Control of my body

Sacrafice, spill it, spell it out until you..
toss salt, rub it in, rub it out until you..
Empty cash like the shells of how you act
Ring it up, call it payback
Go to hell its heaven sent
Promise due respect
Stop Sign Reality Check
sell your soul for love.. lay it to rest
(Run the trap yeah)


Compromise, weigh your heart on a feather
Pound for pound, show you whats accurate measure
Bring you light like lighter
Ill price your peace of mind, hope you surrender
Truth, you'll be choking on it soon, all the small things matter
See the lining on the silver platter...
and use your platelets to foot the bill
Blood to those who kill, live and let live make it even
(Run the trap yeah)


Sin tax, syntax
Bury what you cant take back
Make your move pass
Gold dust or bust, Racks like they in the mirror
Pick up the pieces bankrupt, see you in 7 years
Im a menace, Clean Slate like finished
Reality is like payment, feel that fulfillment
Exercise your demons, Run the trap
Im following up, take my cut
(Run the trap yeah)


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