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Artist/Entrepreneur Tunez. Born James William Edwards a.k.a JJ, was born on the south side of Daytona Beach Florida. If you know anything about this area. It was very rough from the 80’s to early 2000’s. Poverty stricken neighborhoods with no hopes of anyone coming to help. JJ took it upon himself and a few other local Daytona residents to help shift the culture and the city. With his riveting rookie album “Listener Discretion”, which brought new school sounds and tones mixed with old school lyricism and style, Tunez has a point to prove to be among the elite of his generations leaders in rap and entrepreneurship. He helped co-found Quality of Love Records LLC in hopes of creating an entity of individual talented artist to rival that of other top companies in the business. Also owning a clothing line Quality over Love, he is out to show the younger generation that they can take control of their lives at the very moment they choose too.

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